Why buy from us

  1. Impressive Jewelry

    First impression is the last impression. One can never make first impression for a second time. The jewelry designed by our team of professional jewelry designers gives the product a charming impression.

  2. Expressive Jewelry

    We do not design just to impress but also to express. Expressions win hearts.  Expressing oneself is one of the beautiful gifts God has blessed mankind with and using it to the best is what we design for.

  3. Innovative.

    Innovation is a path that leads to success. And we very well understand that innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organization. Innovation involves breaking out of same and established patterns and looking at things in a different way.  Our team, therefore, makes sure that the progressive nature of the design industry is reflected on our ever evolving designs..

  4. Experimental.

    We love to experiment. For one always wants to be known as an innovator and we love to bring surprises and smiles on our clients’ faces when they see something new and unexpected.

  5. Perfectionists.

    Perfection is something that every person craves for but finds it difficult to exercise. The eventual merchandise that we offer is exquisite, each piece designed by our designers and created by our team members is crafted to perfection bringing the needed elegance and delicacy to the jewel piece. 

  6. Nickel – free Jewelry.

    Nickel is an element that may cause some skin types rashes and other infections. All our jewelry is nickel –free and thereby our clients’ need not worry about any allergies or infections and can enjoy their beautifully designed jewel.

  7. Customize Jewelry.

    Our clients’ can customize their jewelry i.e. change gold color, stones along with its quality and view their customized product along with difference in the pricing of the original product and the customized one before buying it.

  8.  Get your jewelry designed by professionals.

    We, at Shailja’s, offer our clients with a unique facility of getting their jewelry designing as per their requirements. Our clients get a special sitting with professional jewelry designers and get their masterpiece designed for free.

  9. Lifetime Exchange Policy

    Bored of your jewelry?

    Want to buy a new piece in exchange of an older one!

    Diamond Jewelry is an expensive luxe. You have your benefit in our Lifetime Exchange Policy. Get a new piece in exchange of an old jewelry piece. We will happily take your piece exchange it with the piece of your choice.

  10. Lifetime Buy-Back Policy

    We value your investment and so we offer lifetime buy-back option for the esteemed Shailja’s Diamond Jewellery clients. If you do not wish to exchange your jewelry, you can always sell the jewelry that you had purchased from our company and we shall pay the price for the same after minimal deductions.

  11. Certified for life

    Shailja’s offers its own jewelry certificate of the purchased product.

    Not satisfied?

    All the jewelry purchased by you from Shailja’s, can be certified from labs such as GIA, IGI, SGL and HKD.

  12. Free try at Home Service

    Shailja’s Diamond Jewellery cares for its clients’ convenience and thereby offers Free try at Home Service wherein your selected product would be delivered at your doorstep and you can try it for free.

  13. Free Gift Packaging

    In case your purchase is intended as a gift, we offer free gift packing, along with a lovable gift message of your choice. Your gift will be delivered in distinctive Shailja’s Diamond Jewellery gift packing. So whether you order a gift to give to your loved ones personally, or want us to deliver it, the recipient is sure to be impressed.

  14. Free Shipping

    Shailja’s Diamond Jewellery provides absolutely free delivery/shipping plus insurance on all the products purchased from Shailja’s Diamond Jewellery. A product bought from Shailja’s should make an enriching memory of purchase.

  15. Detailed Break-up of the Product

    We value your investment and therefore there is a complete break-up of product details given by us in terms of Gold, Diamond and other stones and the metal. You can view the products’ details right down to its individual weights, sizes and prices.

  16. Value for Money (best priced)

    Since all our business operations are in-house operations, and having constructed an online store, with no intermediaries/middlemen in our business stream, the price at which our jewelry is offered is comparatively less to the local jewelry vendors and is very competitive because of no extra costs.

  17. Customer Help Team

    Our aim is to build a strong relationship with our clients and make their shopping experience a memorable one. And hence, our Customer Help Team makes sure that all your doubts are cleared and queries are answered to satisfaction. 

  18. Bring your design and we will craft it for you.

    This is a special service wherein you can bring either the sketch of your desired jewel piece or photo of the same, hand it to us and we shall inform you about the product costing. Once you confirm the order, we will happily craft the product for you. 

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